Friday, November 20, 2015

Starting over or whatever you wanna call it! And this post also contains snow and a bit of magic...

So my blog disappeared, or perhaps you didn't notice (then you can skip right to the first picture!) ... either way SouthHampton Grey is back!

I re-wrote the beginning of this post a 100 times. As you know, I like to write about the funny things in life. Writing about the bad things in life isn't my thing, but sometimes you just need to.

I got sick and after a long hospital stay there was an even longer recovery period. Blogging and making mini's was the last thing on my mind. Last week I got a clean bill of health from my Neurologist.

A new beginning needs a new project. I wanted to build something close to my heart. Back to basic, build what I know. Below yours truly in the blue jacket somewhere in the beginning of the 1980s.  My first snow! We just moved back from the Middle East to the Netherlands. Until that moment I only knew snow from books and pictures. Waking up one morning and seeing and feeling snow for the first time was ...  Magic.
Another magical place was the church you can see on the background.
Due my dad's work we moved a lot, but my parents always kept the house in the Netherlands as a home base. We lived behind this old (former) Catholic church from which mum worked as an artist. Mum made and restored stained glass windows. Below the church in all it's glory.
The new project is a miniature church. Not a replica from the church above, rather inspired by. Sort of a church converted to a house, so church outside, classic home with church element's inside ... jeez first post in month's and as usual I am not making any sense! Think classic build not fantasy ... not helping at all. Now I am just going to blame my brain Aneurysm for this incoherent rambling.

I started with the most difficult element off this build ... the windows. Due all the detailing it wasn't possible to use the scroll saw so it was time to pull out the old fashioned utility knife. My hands still hurt from all the cutting, but I am in LUV with the details and the depth. 2 done, 12 to go! So now you know what I am doing this weekend.