Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Perhapse a bit too much...

I hope you had a good week! As you can see in the picture above I made some progress this past week. The miniature chinese guardian lions where the first thing I tackeld. I found these lions a few months ago on a flea market and didn't know what to do with them, but I loved them.

As you can see in the picture below they where originally a shade of dark red. Don't they look a 100% better after a few layers of paint? Perhapse they are a bit much next to the door but for now I am loving it!
As I was in the creative flow this white orchid emerged from scratch. With some wire, fabric, tea, paper and a lot of patience my first orchid came to life.
Wishing you a great week! THNX for visiting / commenting, see you soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I am having my hands full with the newest addition to the family. Meet Buzz our 13 week old Rottweiler pup. 12 kilo, 26 lbs and growing fast. He loves sleeping, snoring and squeaky toys.
Don't be fooled by the cuteness... he can be a little dragon.
Mini making time is limited, raising a pup is a fulltime job but when he's sleeping I try to do some mini work. So I finished the windows, placed the windows in the back of the church, cut & placed the wooden floors. Started work on a modern sofa... which is more work then I thought. Hand sewing the sofa is takes up a lot of time but the results so far is what I was going for. I am thinking about adding a balcony to add some extra dimension to the room. Sorry for the short post... it's time to feed the "dragon"". Will post the next update the 10th of February. Wishing you a great week! THNX for visiting / commenting, see you next week!


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Roofs, a lot of roof, a modern window experiment and some more rambelings of a snow deprived mad man

These past few days I sub-merged myself in the world of modern architecture and interior design. Thus far I discovered that modern interior design can go from an empty white room to all out craziness with every colour of the rainbow and prints stuffed into one room. Okay, I know I oversimplify it a bit with my recap.

Then my search shifted to modern miniatures and I must say it was a bit disapointing. It wasn't so much the images my search offered me, but rather the lack of the combination of old & new I was looking for.

So I started experimenting with placing modern windows in the back wall of the church. The windows themselve are simple but I think they work in the room. Still have to cut out the back wall and perhapse some exposed brickwork.
The brickwork from the previous post is finished and the first layer of paint is on. The church is going the have an old brick colour, but painting the church when I finished the rest of the brickwork so I can avoid color difference.
Even the first part of the roof went on the church, the roofing was made from DAS clay.
We had a few storms over here the past few weeks and during one of the storms a garden lantern broke, but I salvaged the top of the lantern. It is perfect for the church tower. I love the weathered look so I am keeping it just as it looks.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Something about bricks and how I rather have a root canal procedure!

Blogger was acting up ... I couldn't login to my account. It took a few days but everything is working again, although my reading list disappeard and I can't leave any comments on other blogs!? Update: comments problem solved! Anyvirtualwhoeha, I took the church windows for a test drive. The scene below is just a mock up.
After cutting the larger windows, it was time to build the structure of the church. Freestyling, only using left over material from the Real house renovation and lots of screws. Trust me when I say this structure is gonna last forever.
As you know, making miniature brickwork is my favorite thing in the world, right behind getting a root canal procedure. Somewhere between brick 2000 and brick 3241 I found THE perfect way to make bricking tolerable ... AUDIO BOOKS!!! Anybody reading or listening to the Outlander series? It's my new guilty pleasure.

I made the bricks from DAS clay, it was quite simple. Just rolled a few lumps of clay flat and glued them on. Using a protractor triangle and a small piece of wood I cut all the bricks. A lot of bricks ... and this is just the back of the church.In the end it is worth all the work because I am so pleased with the result. A nice paint job and some aging will really bring it to life.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Starting over or whatever you wanna call it! And this post also contains snow and a bit of magic...

So my blog disappeared, or perhaps you didn't notice (then you can skip right to the first picture!) ... either way SouthHampton Grey is back!

I re-wrote the beginning of this post a 100 times. As you know, I like to write about the funny things in life. Writing about the bad things in life isn't my thing, but sometimes you just need to.

I got sick and after a long hospital stay there was an even longer recovery period. Blogging and making mini's was the last thing on my mind. Last week I got a clean bill of health from my Neurologist.

A new beginning needs a new project. I wanted to build something close to my heart. Back to basic, build what I know. Below yours truly in the blue jacket somewhere in the beginning of the 1980s.  My first snow! We just moved back from the Middle East to the Netherlands. Until that moment I only knew snow from books and pictures. Waking up one morning and seeing and feeling snow for the first time was ...  Magic.
Another magical place was the church you can see on the background.
Due my dad's work we moved a lot, but my parents always kept the house in the Netherlands as a home base. We lived behind this old (former) Catholic church from which mum worked as an artist. Mum made and restored stained glass windows. Below the church in all it's glory.
The new project is a miniature church. Not a replica from the church above, rather inspired by. Sort of a church converted to a house, so church outside, classic home with church element's inside ... jeez first post in month's and as usual I am not making any sense! Think classic build not fantasy ... not helping at all. Now I am just going to blame my brain Aneurysm for this incoherent rambling.

I started with the most difficult element off this build ... the windows. Due all the detailing it wasn't possible to use the scroll saw so it was time to pull out the old fashioned utility knife. My hands still hurt from all the cutting, but I am in LUV with the details and the depth. 2 done, 12 to go! So now you know what I am doing this weekend.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Release your Creative Inner Glitter Pageant Queen on a 2 euro budget!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly / Fa la la la la la, la la la la / 'Tis the season to be jolly / Fa la la la. Okay, it's a bit early for Christmas carols but since all the shops are filling up with christmas stuff I decided to work my magic on these plastic Christmas ornaments I found in a budget store for 50 cents. I also got me some rhinestone band. Alleskleber and a rather tacky neon coloured pictureframe. In total the damage was 2 euro's!
I channeled my inner Dolly, summand the ghost of Liberace, unleased my inner pageant queen and went GLITTER crazy. Even T-Bird the cat joined the bedazzle party on the kitchen table at No.3. (Please note no cats where harmed while making this post).
These plastic Christmas ornaments where screaming "CHANDELIERS!". Okay I hear you think "Yeah Right AM! ... Chandeliers??? What's next, your gonna fart rainbows?". Well that's an art form I haven't mastered yet, but perhapse some day! So after 30 minutes of cutting, gluing and painting ... chandelier 1 was finished. The magic ingredient: ALLESKLEBER! You can use this universal glue on EVERYTHING! Doesn't the German word ALLESKLEBER sound better then GLUE?
The plastic picture frame on top of the chandelier was oval shaped, but I used a heat gun to re-shape the frame. The chandelier above was my first attempt. I tweaked the design a bit to get it perfect. Below you can see the second try.
The second chandelier found it's place in the blue room of Marram House. More of this room in my next post.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Black Velvet

I spend this week cleaning out the attic, where going to replace/repair the last part of the roof of the cottage in the coming week... or weeks depending the weather.... it's so gray overhere... a steady drizzle... it looks like it's mid November.

I found an old box on the attic, the box itself was ugly, but the inside was lined with a black velvet fabric. I decided to make a top hat out of the velvet fabric. After a paper mock-up and a trial version I got the size and shape I was going for. Working with velvet was a challenge and aging the fabric took some work. I used a big brush to put the hat together, by sliding the hat over the brush I had my hand free for gluing and making sure the hat stayed together. Sometimes it would be nice to have an extra pair of hands.
As you can see the trial version of the hat was a bit too high. After finishing the hat, it was time to hand paint the hat box with some watercolours. The box is made from some thick watercolour paper (300gr). I used my favorite brand of watercolours by Winsor&Newton. I wanted the box to look weathered and old, so it got nice beauty treatment with some sandpaper and antique stain.