Monday, October 27, 2014

Release your Creative Inner Glitter Pageant Queen on a 2 euro budget!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly / Fa la la la la la, la la la la / 'Tis the season to be jolly / Fa la la la. Okay, it's a bit early for Christmas carols but since all the shops are filling up with christmas stuff I decided to work my magic on these plastic Christmas ornaments I found in a budget store for 50 cents. I also got me some rhinestone band. Alleskleber and a rather tacky neon coloured pictureframe. In total the damage was 2 euro's!
I channeled my inner Dolly, summand the ghost of Liberace, unleased my inner pageant queen and went GLITTER crazy. Even T-Bird the cat joined the bedazzle party on the kitchen table at No.3. (Please note no cats where harmed while making this post).
These plastic Christmas ornaments where screaming "CHANDELIERS!". Okay I hear you think "Yeah Right AM! ... Chandeliers??? What's next, your gonna fart rainbows?". Well that's an art form I haven't mastered yet, but perhapse some day! So after 30 minutes of cutting, gluing and painting ... chandelier 1 was finished. The magic ingredient: ALLESKLEBER! You can use this universal glue on EVERYTHING! Doesn't the German word ALLESKLEBER sound better then GLUE?
The plastic picture frame on top of the chandelier was oval shaped, but I used a heat gun to re-shape the frame. The chandelier above was my first attempt. I tweaked the design a bit to get it perfect. Below you can see the second try.
The second chandelier found it's place in the blue room of Marram House. More of this room in my next post.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Yes, This post is about Miniatures! Just scroll down! SURPRISE!

Hello lovely reader, I hope you're having a great Summer. I spend these past few weeks enjoying a nice holiday in the South of France and doing some DIY work in the REAL house. When I got home from soaking up the sun it was time to start a task I have been postponing for... uhm *hiding my face in shame*... 10 years! Yes, 10 years. When I bought the cottage the plan was to expose the original beam ceiling but I didn't get to it. Until last week.

After ripping out the old ceiling and stripping the walls... it looked like this. Of course 115 years ago they decided to paint the ceiling green. My first mission was to paint it all... WHITE!
 A cramped hand, a sore neck, 8 litres of white paint and 2 litres of grey paint later it was FINISHED!
It gave such a BUZZ finishing this task I was ready to tackle another task I kept postponing. The EXTERIOR of Marram House!

I had a lot of idea's, perhaps too much! So I made a list and began editing my "exterior wish" list. I ended up with an exterior that will surprise you! Just keep reading! Another problem was where was I going to put Marram House? And on what? A quick trip to IKEA was the solution. I bought two Lerberg trestles at IKEA for Marram house to stand on.
Then it was time to cut all the pieces for the exterior. My kitchen became a little work room. Am I the only one who has some "I need more work space" problem while making mini's?
Now we're taking a little time jump (otherwise this post is becoming a novel). I proudly present Marram House. Didn't I say my final choice for the exterior would surprise you!
A Dutch Canal house, mind you it is far from finished but it's coming along nicely. I made it from a construction drawing I found in the box full with miniature things I bought a while ago (see this post). I modified the building plans to my own preferences. All the rooms I made these past month's fit perfectly in the house. Going to finish this post now before I write you a novel and catch up with my Blogger reading list.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Black Velvet

I spend this week cleaning out the attic, where going to replace/repair the last part of the roof of the cottage in the coming week... or weeks depending the weather.... it's so gray overhere... a steady drizzle... it looks like it's mid November.

I found an old box on the attic, the box itself was ugly, but the inside was lined with a black velvet fabric. I decided to make a top hat out of the velvet fabric. After a paper mock-up and a trial version I got the size and shape I was going for. Working with velvet was a challenge and aging the fabric took some work. I used a big brush to put the hat together, by sliding the hat over the brush I had my hand free for gluing and making sure the hat stayed together. Sometimes it would be nice to have an extra pair of hands.
As you can see the trial version of the hat was a bit too high. After finishing the hat, it was time to hand paint the hat box with some watercolours. The box is made from some thick watercolour paper (300gr). I used my favorite brand of watercolours by Winsor&Newton. I wanted the box to look weathered and old, so it got nice beauty treatment with some sandpaper and antique stain. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jack of all Trades

My aunt Liz was an amazing ceramist, as a kid I used to help her make pottery. So in honour of my aunt I made this ceramic pitcher. I was a bit rusty, the last time I made pottery was 20 years ago and it was in Real Life size and not 1:12 scale. Aunt Liz died of breast cancer when I was 13 but I think she would be very proud of this miniature pitcher.
I was debating in which colour I should make the pitcher, in the end I decided to go for classic white. I love the look of crispy white tableware in the summer. Marram house also got another new addition. After sifting through the moving box of dollhouse stuff I got last week, I decided to re-sell the stuff I didn't like/ wasn't going to use.

The stuff sold pretty fast and I made a nice profit. After bringing 23 envelopes to the post office I decided I deserved a little reward for all my hard work. Until now I had bought a few basic pieces but never an "expensive" piece.
I was eyeing this miniature desk chair for a while now,  in my mind it was perfect for Marram House. The details on the chair are amazing. It was worth every penny and I am so happy wih it. What was your latest buy?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Something Has to Go!

Last week I bought a moving box full of dollhouse stuff on Zeelandnet (It's something like the Dutch version of Ebay but specific for the region/province I live) for 15 euro's. Today I spend an hour going through all the stuff in the box. In the picture below you can see the stuff I am thinking about using for Marram House.
The box also contained 75 dollhouse magazines, with all these amazing projects and tutorials.What about this Fisherman's house?
I really loved the size of these 2 BIG window that where in the box. In my mind they would be perfect for the kitchen of Marram House. I decided to cut one of the windows up a bit and put some real glass in it.
Cutting such a big piece out of the left wall for the window means there will be no more room for the chimney on the outside of the house. Below you can see the kitchen and the diningroom.The fireplace of the diningroom sticks out the back of the lef wall. I planned a chimney on the outside to cover it up. So toss the chimney on the outside (Left) or the BIG window in the kitchen wall (Left)?
I have another option for the kitchen windows....

Yesterday I repainted the Kitchen with the pale Jade. It looks perfect and the color matches the other colors I am planning to use in Marrram house. I also made these little arched windows from scratch for the kitchen. These are option 2, or perhapse a combination of the BIG window and the small windows?

A little Update! The window is in!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wireless printers, Kitchens and Burt

My wireless printer decided that today was a good day to give me endless error messages because it can't find my wireless network or my laptop. I had to print the fabric for the second part of the suitcase but after hours of trying to fix the damn thing I decided to start work on the first part of the kitchen.

As usual I didn't have a clear plan, I like to work... freestyle... go with the flow. Got some pieces of cardboard and MDF from my recylce box and started building the back of the kitchen.
I made the pantry out of craft paper and cardboard, gave it a few messy coats of primer. Waiting for it to dry so I can get messy and dirty it up with some antique stain.

The brick work I really like, the pieces that you see are the test run pieces, to figure out the right scale of the bricks. Going to use the Dremel to make the faux brick on a piece of wood. Switching the brickwork a bit up... herringbone brick patern. Don't you love it when your just on a roll and everything you do is what you want it to be?

The color on the wall... was an experiment, but I don't know!? .... I  have this tester with this beautiful pale jade lying around which I think will suit the room better.

This blue wallcolor is a bit... "shabby chic welcome to my weekend beach hut, grab a surfboard and surf's up!" ...not the style I was going for. The plan was to hang Burt above the stove. I hear you think Burt? Well, meet Burt the Marlin!
Burt also looks delicious on the table... Fisherman's Stew!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Up, up, up...

Marram House underwent a minor change. In the original plan I opted for a big dining room, leaving almost no room for a decent hallway and kitchen area. So I moved the dining room up, so now I have room for a BIG kitchen underneath the dining room.
I am still contemplating the exterior... so I decided to go ahead with the interior and go with the flow.

My dear friend Si aka Mr. send me a little something by Royal Mail.
These really beautiful Asian inspired wallpapers, the package also contained a little fountain and a gorgeous flower pot which I will show off when I have given them the "AM transformation".

Due my busy schedule I haven't gotten to making mini's. Last night I found some time to start work on a little vintage Vuitton inspired suitecase. Browsing Pinterest I found a few tutorials about printing on fabric with your home printer. So I gave it a try... using a cotton pillow case, some spray glue and my Canon printer.
I finished the first part of the suitecase, stained the fabric inside with tea to age it. Building part two of the suitcase this weekend. The inside needs a bit more stains, perhaps some old travel tags,photographs, some old love letters from the captain to his wife...

Leaving you with a little sneak peek into my next post!